C. C. is 9 years old.We started chiropractic care about 5 months ago.Chiropractic care with Dr. Titus was a last resort.If I would have known then, what I know now, Dr. Titus would have been our first choice!

C. C. had several different issues going on.When we first tried chiropractic care, he had severe allergies, was on medication and allergy shots.C. C. also had 26 food intolerances.C. C. had sensory integration dysfunction.This is where he had trouble organizing the stimuli that he was receiving from his senses.This affected his balance, coordination, gross motor and fine motor skills.C. C.'s nervous system was not 'firing' properly until we started seeing Dr. Titus!

At our worst, we had behavioral problems, special and body awareness issues, handwriting issues, poor attention span and hyperactivity.C. C. was also highly distractible!All of these issues affected his performance in school as well.

After approximately 2-3 weeks of being adjusted, we saw GREAT IMPROVEMENTS!C. C.'s coordination went from a 7 year old to an 11 year old.His occupational therapist could not believe his progress in just one month.He only was in physical therapy for 4 sessions and he was caught up developmentally and plus some.C. C. was more relaxed and better behaved.Every aspect improved greatly!!

From his allergies to his SID, his OT said 'something has just clicked for him."That something was Dr. Titus!We only had 9 months of occupational therapy.Most children have over 1 year, plus, to help treat SID.I have no doubt in my mind that all of our success is owed to Dr. Titus and the care that we have received from him!

C. C. also has central auditory processing disorder and visual processing disorder. His progress in school went up 100% as well.C. C. began the 4th grade this year doing 6th to 7th grade level work.Everything has come together all at once and it is due to the chiropractic care we have received!

Another perfect example of the positive results is a coordination test we had done. C.C. could not keep his hands out from his side and keep his feet pointed out (like a duck's walk) at the same time.We practiced daily and couldn't do it.After 2 weeks of seeing Dr. Titus, C. C. finally began doing the duck walk.It just came to him, suddenly!Even his behavioral optometrist has commented on how well C.C. has come along in the last few months.(This is our eye doctor for visual processing disorder.)

Two weeks ago, C.C. graduated from occupational therapy.I truly believe deep down it is because of all the things Dr. Titus has done for C.C.From his allergies to his SID, everything has improved significantly!

Dr. Titus is very child friendly.He jokes and plays with the children.He makes it like a game for them.He makes it FUN for them, and in return, he is helping their body function better and properly!He tickles them and they love it!I guarantee your child will leave happy and laughing!And they will ask to come back!

Let me assure you, I am NOT getting paid for this. J This is the God's honest truth!Dr. Titus knows his stuff!He is our family's GOD SEND and we tell everyone about chiropractic care!P.S.His staff is very friendly, too. J

(One of the best things about chiropractic care is that it is natural!)

Sherry - Morrow, OH "I would recommend Dr. Titus to anyone wanting to feel better. Dr Titus will listen to your problem and fix your issue. He will work with you no matter what the issue. Dr. Titus is not only an excellent doctor but an all around nice guy. He will only have you come in when needed and not soak you dry like others do. If you hurt, go see Dr. Titus. You will be pleased with the outcome."

Eric - Maineville, OH "I'm feeling better than I have in years. Dr. Titus really knows how to treat his patients. The staff is excellent and knows a lot about what they do. Very caring."

Jan - Maineville, OH "I've been coming here since 1999. Normally, I come here once a week for an adjustment. It is very soothing and it makes me feel so much better. I think this is a wonderful place and I'm glad it is here, so close to home."

Brenda - Maineville, OH "I am very happy and satisfied with the care and improvement I have experienced so far. And your facility is very friendly, clean and inviting. I wouldn't change anything!"

Mary - So. Lebanon, OH "I am 74 years young and feeling great! I am out of pain since beginning care with Dr. Titus. The supplements are also great. I am also losing weight but I have made no changes except starting chiropractic care and taking Standard Process everyday supplements."

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