Services & Techniques

We provide a high level of diagnostic and treatment services to help your specific condition.

Bio Impedence Analysis
Neurologic Examination
Orthopedic Examination
Total Health Scan

If your condition warrants additional diagnostics, hair analysis, urinalysis, salivary tests and blood tests, they will be recommended.

Conditions Successfully Treated

We have had success helping patients with the following conditions achieve greater health.

Acid Reflux Syndrome,
Auto Immune Disorders,
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
Chronic Neck and Back Pain,
Central Nervous System Disorders,
Crohn's Disease,
Emotional Difficulties,
Hormonal Imbalances,
Infantile Disorders,
Immune Suppression Disorders,
Learning Disabilities,
Migraine Headaches,
Motor-Coordination Impairments,
Orthopedic Problems,
Neurovascular or Immune Disorders,
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,
Tourette's Syndrome,
Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries,
Stress and Tension-Related Problems,
Sports Injuries,
Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ),
Post-Surgical Dysfunction,
Just to name a few… 

The following is a list of techniques utilized by our office:

Adjustments of the Spine and Extremities
Cervical Disc Techniques
Craniosacral Therapy
Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Herbal medicine
Lumbar Disc Techniques
Lymphatic Massage
Myofascial Release
Nutritional consultation
Scar Tissue Release
Scoliosis Repatterning
Therapeutic Massage
We utilize cutting-edge technology to assist the patient in achieving their maximum health potential.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Dr. Titus is not afraid to consult or refer out to other physicians if treatment results are less than expected.  We are not here to soak you for every penny if we are not reaching expected results.  We can also help you navigate your care through the complicated medical establishment.  We routinely work with Dr. Marc Galloway, Cincinnati Bengals team physician, at Cincinnati Sports Medicine for orthopedic knee and shoulder issues.  We also work with Riverhill's Neuroscience for neurology and neurosurgery consults and second opinions as well as their pain management department for epidural steroid interventions.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional counseling appointments are available in office or by phone. All of our programs consist of high quality nutritional lines which can be shipped directly to your location. 

Standard Process 

Available only through licensed healthcare practitioners, Standard Process products are made to the industry's most exacting standards. Each of the more than 3,800 raw materials used in these formulations undergo regular and random lab analysis to ensure purity and potency and are one of the few who are FDA regulated.  Unlike the typical commercially available products these supplements are formulated to guarantee results.  We firmly stand behind these products and have seen amazing results in many of our patients.  For more information on this product line go to

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Emergency Care Available. Please call 513-677-7463.


Emergency Care Available. Please call 513-677-7463.