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WHY Chiropractic...

The Nervous System is the Master Controller of the Body.

Trauma, Toxins and Thoughts (the 3 Ts) can cause direct interference to the optimal functioning of the nervous system. Chiropractic correctsinteference to the nervous system, supporting the body's innate healing potential against dis-ease.

The body may experience trauma or stress due to a variety of events to include the birthing process, childhood falls, sports injury, home maintenance, auto collision, work injury, seasonal maintenance, traumatic events, slips and falls.

Toxins gain access to our body from a number of vectors such as pharmaceutical and over-the-counter drugs, environmental pollution, food chain toxins (pesticides, additives, chemicals), sugar, caffeine, processed foods, smoking, alcohol, substance abuse and dental fillings.

Today, there is much information available about the affects of stress upon our bodies. In addition to the external stressors we experience, our bodies may also be affected by our internal dialogues and thoughts, for example, negative thinking.

Chiropractic care is an effective response to the impact of trauma, toxins and thoughts upon our current - and future -optimal health.

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Emergency Care Available. Please call 513-677-7463.


Emergency Care Available. Please call 513-677-7463.